These Mistakes Must Be Avoided During Pool Maintenance

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Having a swimming pool in your home can be taken for ultimate luxury. It can be the place where you spend some time with your loved one. A holiday in the pool with the children can kick stress away. Many people dream of having a pool and those who have one are lucky. But this beautiful thing can also give tough times if not maintained properly. Some people use pools whole year long and some use it occasionally. How frequently you use it, maintenance is the ultimate thing to enjoy it whenever you want. Though professional help for such jobs is always better but one can do some little things at home too. These small things help to avoid major problems. People often make a few mistakes regarding maintenance of swimming pool, like not using pool chlorinator to check water chemistry. In this article, we are going to tell about some mistakes that people do and these should be avoided.

PH level balancing:

The PH level of a pool is an important factor. Maintaining this level allows to use the full potential of chlorine that is in the pool. When the pH is above 8.5, the activity of chlorine is only 10%. On the other hand, it is 73% active when the pH level is at 7.0. At pH 7.5 we get 50-60% active chlorine. Always try to maintain the pH level in order to keep the chlorine active at its full potential. Using right tools, like pool heaters, will help to maintain the pool in a better way.

The chemistry:

Chemistry of pool water must be maintained by opting the pool cleaner. In summer, this change is the highest. So, it must be checked twice a week. In winter, checking only once in a week is enough. This checking on a regular basis allows knowing the minor changes in the chemistry of water. These changes can be fixed too. If this check is not done on a regular basis, changes will be great. In such cases, the graph of activity will change wildly. This will also be quite tough to fix. So, it is always better to check chemistry of water.

The tiles:

Tiles are one of those things that can make you spend quite a lot of money. If the tiles are not cleaned at a proper interval, calcified tiles will look like plaque. You have to get professionals to clean it which will require money.